Mobile Laboratory

XENCO has an Arizona-based mobile laboratory that is capable of providing on-site testing throughout the Southwest. It is self-contained, powered by generators and fully equipped with Gas Chromatographs and customized field testing kits. We have the ability to work with the client to apply problem-solving techniques and set up specific field tests for unique site requirements. We are the most creative and cost-effective partner for your more challenging assignments.

UST/AST Investigation/Remediation

We analyze for 8015AZ R.1 and BTEX by 8021B. This method also screens for Methyltertbutylether (MTBE) and Trimethyl benzenes. When soil or water samples are submitted to the Mobile Laboratory Chemist at regular intervals, a site can be investigated and remediated in one deployment.

Soil Vapor/Ambient Air Services

XENCO also analyzes soil vapor and ambient air analysis for site assessments and property transfers. Chlorinated and aromatic compound results can be provided in near- real-time. Applications include analysis of chlorinated solvents and their breakdown products at dry cleaning operations, superfund sites, landfills, as well as aromatic and total petroleum hydrocarbons from Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) systems

UST/AST Remediation

Toxaphene, DDT, DDE, DDD Screening

Field analysis is available for Toxaphene, DDT and breakdown products, as well as PCBs. The field GC technique is fast, accurate with up to 20 or more samples analyzed per day.

Dry Cleaner Investigations

We provide onsite compliance testing for PCE and its breakdown products in soil, water, or soil vapor to assist in dry cleaner site investigation or remedial actions.